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About WhiteSpa

Beyond WhiteSpa’s teeth whitening products are recognized across the globe as the premier brand. Beyond products were initially developed by and  for dental offices, however the WhiteSpa professional whitening system was created specifically for salons and spas. Our 6% hydrogen peroxide formula is so effective, safe, and easy to use that our customers have raved that we have the most comfortable teeth whitening experience. Our data driven product development is research based and relies on the most recent technological advances in dental aesthetics.
Beyond WhiteSpa first emerged into the market in 2006 where we quickly became the global leader in aesthetic dentistry. We manufacture whitening gels, lights (accelerators), and related consumables in Houston, Texas. Our multinationally diverse team is proud to say that we are “Made in the USA!”
Beyond WhiteSpa offers starter packages that include excellent marketing materials. Our dedication to quality, competitive prices, and high standards makes us a perfect partner for your business.

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Teeth Whitening for Salons and Spas

Our Process

BEYOND teeth whitening is a professional light activated process that combines innovative gels with high tech light accelerators. Our proprietary Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2 or HP) gel is designed to work fast. Typically, there will be a 5-8 shade difference in a short 30-45 minute processing time. Results can last up to 6 months. This combination of a short processing time and high tech accelerators is a perfect combination for even the most sensitive teeth.


Our Products

BEYOND WhiteSpa products get great results when used individually, however many spas prefer to use a combination of treatments to maintain their clients whitening results. Because our products work together, it is easy to create a custom treatment plan for every smile. We offer a full range of in-office treatments, take-home kits, and maintenance oral hygiene products making BEYOND WhiteSpa your Whitening One Stop Shop.

BEYOND® II Ultra Whitening Accelerator

  • The BEYOND® II is both lightweight and portable for both travel and ease of use for room to room
  • Whitening options can be set to Low, Medium and High light output settings for a tailored treatment that best suits each individual client
  • Quick and simple client preparation and system operation with digital display control board
  • Utilizing negative ions, the built-in air purifier reduces airborne pollutants that may exist within the treatment space, actively contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment

Pearl White® Whitening Toothpaste

  • Unique formula includes calcium peroxide that acts as an additional whitening agent
  • Provides long lasting fresh breath protection
  • Advanced tartar control
  • No animal testing, no animal ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in 3 popular formulas (Advanced, Sensitivity and Green Tea)
  • Available in two sizes: Standard 4.2 Oz / 120 ml and Travel 1.4 Oz / 40 ml

BEYOND® OSMO® Five-Patient Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Specially formulated 6% H2O2 gel designed for excellent accelerated results
  • Gel’s gentle formula does not require gingival protection
  • Static mixing tip provides a one-step gel application
  • Brilliant results in only 36 minutes
  • Guaranteed to deliver shiny, white results with NO sensitivity
  • Includes easy to use Home-Maintenance Whitening Pen

FLEXIBLUE® Comfort Cheek Retractors 5pk

  • Medical Grade, Disposable Cheek Retractors
  • Easy to insert, available in two size
  • Convenient tongue guard
  • No sharp edges

BEYOND® OSMO® Teeth Whitening Pen Twin Pack

  • Provides a renewed white smile every day
  • Safe for daily use and whitening maintenance
  • Gentle brush-on pen for easy application
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with all BEYOND® whitening procedures
  • Enough material for 30 days
  • Mint flavored 6% H2Ogel for a white and fresh smile