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BEYOND® Polus® Advanced Ultra Whitening Accelerator

Winner of Top Whitening System 10 Years in a row


The BEYOND® Polus® Advanced Ultra is a feature-expanded version of our award-winning Polus series of whitening accelerators. In addition to the features that BEYOND customers have grown to know and love, the Advanced Ultra has an augmented ultrasound function that lets the practitioner reduce the treatment time while maintaining the same great results.

Our powerful halogen light source is filtered by two sets of 30 optical lenses, then transported via over 200,000 optical fibers to add with our LED light source. As this light accelerates the chemical breakdown of the whitening gel, the patent-pending ultrasound function utilizes a cavitation process that agitates and permits the whitening gel to target the enamel more comprehensively and in a shorter time frame. This means less chair time for the patient, less potential for sensitivity and the same great results you’ve come to expect with BEYOND.



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BEYOND® II Ultra Whitening Accelerator

Professional in-office Whitening Treatment!

The chic and modern design of the BEYOND® II Whitening Accelerator works for any dental office, spa, or salon. The BEYOND II Ultra is the latest improvement to the popular BEYOND II whitening accelerator series. Along with the convenient features of simultaneous treatment capability, intuitive touch user interface and passive air ionizer, the LED light features our patent-pending ultrasound feature to aid in brevity of treatment time and little to no sensitivity.

BE-818UL-W1, BE-818UL-B1, BE-818UL-S1


If interested in purchasing the BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator, please send email to or click button below to leave information so we can get in touch with pricing information.


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* Second LED sold separately

BEYOND® OSMO® Five-Patient Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

6% H2O2 Premium Whitening Formula with Post-treatment Whitening Pen


This 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to deliver professional results in just 36 minutes.  The OSMO Five -Patient Whitening Kit features a safe, advanced formula gel that can be used in-office without gingival protection. This kit includes material for five patients.  A typical treatment is three consecutive cycles of 12 minutes each, designed to work in conjunction with light acceleration. The dual barrel 6% syringe in this kit includes enough teeth bleaching gel for three chairside cycles. The Osmo Kit also includes five premium formula teeth whitening pens that patients can take home and start using immediately to keep stains and darkening at bay while adding a rich, glossy tooth finish.


**Cheek retractors sold separately**