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BEYOND® II Ultra Whitening Accelerator

Professional in-office Whitening Treatment!

The chic and modern design of the BEYOND® II Whitening Accelerator works for any dental office, spa, or salon. The BEYOND II Ultra is the latest improvement to the popular BEYOND II whitening accelerator series. Along with the convenient features of simultaneous treatment capability, intuitive touch user interface and passive air ionizer, the LED light features our patent-pending ultrasound feature to aid in brevity of treatment time and little to no sensitivity.

BE-818UL-W1, BE-818UL-B1, BE-818UL-S1


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* Second LED sold separately

BEYOND® II Secondary LED Unit

For use with the BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator for the treatment of a second client.  With this addition to the accelerator, you can treat two people at the same time.


BY-M020-W, BY-M020-B, BY-M020-S

BEYOND® II Cheek Retractors 5pk

Custom Cheek retractors for the BEYOND® II Accelerator

BEYOND’s custom designed BEYOND II cheek retractors are specifically designed to work with the BEYOND II whitening accelerator.  The comfortable design holds lips away from enamel for the duration of teeth whitening processes. The BEYOND II Cheek Retractors feature tabs on each side to lock the BEYOND II LED light into place, automatically following the patient’s mouth as they adjust their head position naturally.


BEYOND® II Individual Tray

Individual Tray for the BEYOND® II Accelerator

For use with the BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator, this tray eliminates the need of a cheek retractor. The BEYOND II Tray works for follow up treatments at take home gel strengths, such as the BEYOND CoreWhite and Gemini refill gels. Apply the gel onto the tray and attach to the LED unit, which features tabs to lock the BEYOND II LED light into place.